This is Flight Dynamics!

A dedicated aviation consultancy committed to cropped-075.jpgproviding Commercial Air Operators, Military – State Operators and Regulatory Agencies with expert support for special projects.

What Flight Dynamics Consulting does:

Flight Dynamics Consulting helps fill the Operator’s or Regulatory Authority’s needs by providing proven expertise in developing and implementing special projects.  Some special projects are driven by the requirement to close ICAO findings. Some special projects are a result of Military Operators wishing to comply with civilian (ICAO) requirements in order for them to fly within special airspace only reserved for commercial operation.

Crew Resource Management

Crew Resource Management is a cornerstone for safety critical industries.  Civil Aviation Authorities ( TCCA, EASA, FAA) require commercial aviation operators to institute CRM programs. Hospitals and Medical providers have instituted Crew Resource Management


programs for their Operating Room and Helicopter Emergency Operations departments due to the risks associated with type of work.  Flight Dynamics Consulting can work with you in providing tailored Crew Resource Management training for your departments.

IS-BAO Audits and GAP Analysis

IS-BAO Accredited

We are accredited auditors in support of the International Business Aircraft Association (IBAC), IS-BAO and carry out audits and GAP audits for Operations Management and Fixed Wing Operations

Military and State Aircraft Operations within ICAO RVSM (civilian) Airspace

Flight Dynamics provided documentary support to allow a

Special Military Operations Consulting
Special Military Operations Consulting

Military C-17 Operator to apply and be granted approval for their aircraft to file and fly RVSM in ICAO airspace.  The Military Operator had to comply with all Civilian requirements to support this approval.

Flight Dynamics Consulting provided expertise in the development of training and operations manuals, training programs and support for oversight for this Military Operator.

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