Transport Canada Civil Aviation has issued AC 700-24, which comes into effect on January 31,2019 as a result of a Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) recommendation (A09-02) that Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) require commercial air operators to provide Contemporary Crew Resource Management (CRM) for Subpart 703 Air Taxi Operations and Subpart 704 Commuter Operations of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

Flight Dynamics Aviation Consulting is qualified to provide training in all aspects of Crew Resource Management in compliance with AC 700-024. The circular can be found TCCA AC 700-024

Our team of professional trainers and examiners can provide your Operation with:

  • Course-Ware
  • Initial training for your organization
  • Initial training for your CRM Trainers
  • Re-qualification and examining of CRM Trainers
  • NOTECH skills for flight simulator/proficiency checks

Our team of professionals at Flight Dynamics Aviation Consulting are ready to provide your training to comply with the Advisory Circular.

Please contact us for more information and let us help you enhance the safety of your operation.

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