Capt. Neal Peterson, FRAeS

I am a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society who has over 48 years in professional aviation.  Currently Type Rated on B787, B777, B737, L-1011 and civilian version of the C-130. My experience includes virtually every area on the Globe including Polar Operations.img_1055

To enhance business and executive operator’s safety, I am accredited by the International Business Aircraft Council (IBAC) to carry out IS-BAO for Operations Management and Fixed Wing Operations.

I am a certificated Flight Operations Inspector with experience in 14FAR Part 95, Part 121 operators, EASA certificated with experience in 965/2012 and EU-OPS.

My experience as a Flight Operations Inspector has seen me approve Commercial Operators through ICAO Doc. 8335 and continued oversight under ICAO Annex 6 Part A and Part B.

I have experience in writing legislation and guidance material that affects all facets of air safety.

I am also a qualified Air Accident Investigator and have been the Lead Investigator on accidents and serious incidents.

I have dedicated my life to the promotion of air safety and am committed to assist all stakeholders in aviation to achieve their safety goals.

Special Military Operations Consulting
Special Military Operations Consulting

Special Operational Approvals- Military and State Air Operations

My expertise also includes writing manuals to support the approval process of Military or State Operators who wish to comply with Civilian requirements to fly within ICAO RVSM Airspace.



Aerospace Defence Consulting